Big News!!

Our new website and brand is scheduled to launch Spring 2022! Now commissioning summer Maine 2022 portraits so please reach out via the contact page. Follow us on IG @katherinejanestudio to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Hello. My name is Katherine and I am the owner of Katherine Jane Photography. 

The random stuff. My mother is from Lima, Peru and my father is from Boston. They married after basically spending only 3 weeks together. My mother thinks that the secret to their 54 year marriage is the fact that my father makes her coffee every morning. It really is the little things I guess.

I met my husband when we were young. I was too young & silly to fall in love with the nice guys. After traveling and working abroad for several years I found myself in my hometown helping my parents pack up their home, my childhood home. That night my now husband was in my dream. Three nights later we bumped into each other at a St. Patrick’s Day party and have been together ever since.

Google infertility and you will see a big bucket of my tears next to a big bucket of my failed fertility treatments. Wait 9 years and then google miracle baby and you will see a picture of my first son Frankie (the one wearing glasses.)  Google rainbow baby and you will see a picture of my second son Johnny (the one with the grumpy face.) Google grateful and you will see a picture of me (the one with the braids.) Unfortunately, we are those annoying people who still travel after having kids. Costa Rica Feb 2022 and Spain June 2022!

I went to The University of Vermont and double majored in Education and Latin American Studies. I then went to The New England School of Photography where my studies focused on weddings and portraiture. My images have been seen in the Expectant Mother's Guide and Boston Magazine.

When I’m not behind the camera I can be found sneaking antiques into my house, watching or listening to ANYTHING TRUE CRIME, defrosting frozen veggies for my kids and bragging to the world that I’m married to a firefighter.

my family portrait ©JPR